Kyani Reviews – Are The Top 1% Keeping These Secrets From You?

Welcome to my Kyani review!

Maybe someone approached you about this business opportunity or you stumbled upon it on the internet…

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Now upon your discovery of Kyani you probably have a few questions, such as “Can this business work for you? Is this business legit? Can newbies really make money with this etc?”

So in my third party review, I’m going to give you the exact information you need to know about the company, and also what it takes to really have success in the Kyani.

Trust me, not many people are willing to share this information with others in network marketing.

For those in complete research mode, a friend or family member of yours might have introduced you to the opportunity, and it sparked your interest. You liked what you saw, but before making any decision, you want to see what other people are saying (by doing your own homework and reading some Kyani reviews).

So if you are reading this because you are doing your homework on the company, then…

I would like to say great job on taking the right action before jumping in without doing some due diligence.

So what is Kyani…

In a nutshell, Kyani is a health and wellness company.

Kirk Hansen, who is a very successful businessman, launched Kyani back in August of 2007. He and his brother Jim played a key role in expanding their family petroleum business from humble beginnings to one of the largest privately owned petroleum distributorships in the Western United States.

It is very safe to say that this man knows what he’s doing.

As a Kyani rep you would be marketing and selling nutritional health products such as the (Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and Kyani Nitro FX | Nitro Xtreme, which makes up the triangle of health). Now I’ve done other reviews on companies in the health and wellness niche, and I always want the reader to know that this is a very competitive niche.

However before getting started in the business side of things, I personally recommend trying the products out for yourself first. If you like them, then share your personal why with your potential clients.

That way people can relate to you first, and so that they don’t take you offering them the product as throwing another “sales pitch” at them.

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How Do You Get Paid With Kyani?

To keep it very simple, you ultimately get paid a few “general” ways with the Kyani compensation plan. Upfront bonuses for people you sponsor/retail sales and back end residual income.

Now instead of me trying to explain the details of the compensation plan, why not have Kyani do it?

WARNING:  I do NOT endorse this video, it’s for educational purposes only!

Now Should “YOU” Join Kyani?

Kyani is a credible company with solid leadership; however, your success really will depend on more than just that. The truth is, most people get started in a home based business without really knowing what it really takes to become successful.

That is NOT exactly the best way to start a business.

If you have been told that you can build a thriving business just with a list of friends and family, I would strongly suggest you to look outside for some marketing training.

What Exactly Do You Need To Be Successful In Kyani?

You must be able to talk to a consistent flow of prospects, and be able to sponsor on a consistent basis. Now in order to do this, my personal recommendation for you in this cyan review would be to leverage an online marketing system that will brand you as a leader.

Remember, “people join people… NOT companies. and

Now with that said… here’s the golden question, “what’s is going to make you different from the next Kyani rep”?

I’ll wait a moment… 🙂

Ok… times up, here’s the answers.

1: “Branding yourself first as a leader online”

2:: “Using a fully customizable reverse funnel system”

Not sure how to apply steps 1, and 2 in your personal business plan?

Keep reading and follow the link below… 😉

With a blend of offline mixed in with your very own online marketing system, there’s no telling the success you can have.

If you are serious about your business (or starting one the right way), the next step is very simple.

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To your success and God bless,

Nathaniel Laurent

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