Plexus Slim Reviews – Should You Join Plexus Slim?

plexus-slim-reviewWelcome! Today in this post I’m going to be discussing a company called Plexus Slim. Now if you’re reading this post chances are you’re here for the following reasons, you may be considering joining Plexus Slim or someone introduced you to the company and you want to see if it’s a legit opportunity or a scam…

Now on the other side of things, maybe you already joined Plexus Slim and you’re doing some research to see how you can boost your results and increase your profits because you’re not getting the kind of results that you are looking for (on the income opportunity side) and want to make more money in your Plexus Slim business. Either way were going to cover both sides of the coin.

Also before we move forward in this Plexus review, I want you to know that I am not a Plexus Slim representatives nor affiliated with Plexus Slim… which means that this review is an unbiased review on Plexus Slim

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a health and wellness network marketing company mainly known for their “pink drink”.

Plexus Slim was founded back in 2008 and one great thing about this company is that the leadership or management team have had success in the direct selling and network marketing industry previously in other different companies. They have over 60 years of experience so there’s definitely a proven track record of success with the leadership and management of this company

Plexus Slim Products

Now the main product of plexus slim is t’s Pink Drink which is focused around weight loss. Even though they are mainly known for their pink drink, Plexus Slim has over 22 different products they offer also… However the main gist of the product “their powdered dietary supplement or Pink  Drink” is you put it in some water mix it up, then drink it 30 minutes before meals and it helps suppress your appetite so that you actually burn less calories.

Plexus SlimIt’s said to work better with healthy dieting and exercise and a lot of people have had great results from the products. Some people have reported seeing results in as little as two weeks of just taking these powdered mixes.

Fact is, we live in a world today where people like fast results when try something out and just to see that it’s actually working for them. So they have another product which is taken along with the Pink Drink called the “Plexus Slim Accelerator” it allows people to just take the Plexus mixes once or twice a day and be able to see results in as little as two weeks. Now the Plexus Accelerator PLUS is meant to be used with the Plexus Slim to help speed up your weight loss and or help overcome weight plateaus. The Accelerator Plus is the companion to “The Pink”.

Also, Plexus Slim does have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest assure knowing that they have quality products, and management.  It’s looking like a company that seems like it’s gonna be around for the long haul.

Business Side Of Plexus Slim

Now if you are wondering if Plexus Slim is some biz opp scam, I want you to know that Plexus is NOT a biz app scam. In fact, it is a 100% legit health and wellness network marketing (or multilevel marketing) company.

However the problem that you may run into when you join Plexus Slim and that is because it’s also a network marketing company is this…

They teach the same outdated strategies(in my opinion) that traditional network marketers have been using for several years. Now I personally came into network marketing back in 2005 and here is the old marketing formula I was taught back then and most likely you are going to be told to do.

First your told to make a list of everyone you know, (your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, and pretty much anyone and everyone you can get a hold of)… and they’re going to go on that list. Now that list that you’ve made is going to be your warm market list. Then you may be told to use that list for your Plexus Slim business. Also you may be told to host home events, attend the weekly hotel meetings and get the people who added to your warm market list (which are your friends, family etc…) on a three way phone call with your sponsor.

Plexus SlimNow am I saying that these strategies don’t work at all? No, I’m not saying that now… because these methods can work for a VERY small percentage of people meaning it’s not impossible. However for a lot of people, they don’t work… and to be quite honest for most people they don’t work.

Again keep in mind I’m not saying to completely dismiss those strategies, as I did mention it’s not “impossible”… but for me personally (in my own experience like many others who may be reading this), I was too unsuccessful in using those strategies. What happens to most people using these outdated strategies is they run out of people to talk to and as a result they start going to shopping centers, malls, handing out business cards, flyers, trying everything they can to promote their business.

Fact is more and more people are realizing that, there “MUST be a smarter, faster, and more effective way of getting results in their company and they are RIGHT! As for myself, it wasn’t until I came online and actually learned how to market effectively online, did I start really seeing results.

Once I learn how to use the internet, online systems and tools to generate an endless stream of leads, things took a turn for the BETTER 🙂

Here are some of my results below!


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God bless and to your success,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Questions are welcomed in the comment section below, again God bless!

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