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NWorldWelcome to my NWorld Review!

I recently came across this new company and decided to find out what it is all about.

I am sure that you would like to know more, before deciding to invest in this company. Especially a company like NWorld, which runs its business through the web.

I have prepared this NWorld Review just for you. The info is divided into four categories which are; company profile, products, compensation plan and finally my thoughts.

Scroll below to see what I found.

What Is NWorld?

NWorld is popularly known as Alphanetworld Corporation. It is run by its CEO Juluis Nolasco. It is a Phillipino company established in 2015.

They are a personal care product manufacturing company. They also have an MLM angle to their business, and we are here to review that.

So far, Alphanetworld Corporation is enlisted in Philippine SEC and have proper registration and documentation.

However, Juluis Nolasco was previously involved with another company called Royale Business Clu. It was very similar to NWorld. However, it was later investigated for widespread tax evasion and corporate fraud.

The Products Offered By NWorld

They have a wide range of personal care products. Check below if you want to know more about them.

  • O2 Bubble Cleanser – “helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin”
  • Eye Gel – “naturally helps brighten dark circles”
  • Cloud Cream – “instant brightening effect, gives you a more healthy and glowing looking skin”
  • CC Cushion – “gives flawless coverage and is specially formulated … to help lighten the skin”
  • Body Cream – “a whipper cream like, non-sticky whitening cream”
  • Underarm Cream – “Causes a brightening effect … and effectively reduces dark spots and other hyperpigmentation”
  • Kojic Papaya – “delicately formulated to make your beauty regimen effortless”
  • Premium Soap – “help cleanse the skin while retaining its natural moisture”
  • Facial Cleanser – “helps attain a clear and even skin tone”

NHANCE your lifestyle and overall well-being with NHANCE product line!

  • MemoGro – “a multivitamin syrup for kids”
  • CoQ10 – “helps boost absorption and bioavailability”
  • L-Glutathione – “a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier”

NCHĀNT everyone with your confidence, day in and day out!

  • Lip Cream – “helps repair and recover darkened lips”
  • Gold Mask – “has 24 karat gold, diamond powder, collagen and Triple Peptide EX that causes the skin to have a firmer look and a more natural glow”

NBODY the essence of beauty and health to boost your confidence — wherever, whenever!

  • Body Gel – “blended with powerful active ingredients which help target nonessential fat and water deposits under the skin”
  • Coffee Mix – “blended with Garcinia Cambogia which helps reduce the body’s ability to synthesize nonessential fat”
  • Green Juice – “A cell strengthen drink made with all-natural ingredients, it detox’s the bloodstream and counteracts effects of the environmental pollutants”

The NWorld Compensation Plan

You can join NWorld by purchasing a Retailer’s Kit costing $9.80 and then a Platinum Package for $312.80. However, to earn commissions you must achieve 120 PV a month. That is Personal Volume.

First of all, if you can sell their products, you will earn up to 25% in direct sales commissions.

They have residual commissions through a binary compensation structure. Here you will be put on top and have two downlines, left and right. The first level has 2 positions, the second level has 4 positions and this will continue forever. For each matching 1050 Group Volume on both downlines, you will receive $41 in commissions. This can be earned up to 14 times.

The ranked bonus (Coded as per NWorld) can generate up to 60% commission on personal volume based on your affiliate rank.

  • Novices get a 5% Coded Bonus
  • Apprentices earn a 10% override on Novice bonuses and 15% Coded Bonus
  • Professionals earn a 10% override on Apprentice bonuses, 20% override on Novice bonuses and 25% Coded Bonus.
  • Experts earn a 30% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Professional bonuses, 15% override on Apprentice bonuses and 25% override on Novice bonuses
  • Masters earn a 35% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Expert bonuses, 10% override on Professional bonuses, 20% override on Apprentice bonuses and 5% bonus on Novice bonuses
  • Mentors earn a 40% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Master bonuses, 10% override on Expert bonuses, 15% override on Professional bonuses, 25% override on Apprentice bonuses and 35% override on Novice bonuses
  • High Mentors earn a 45% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Mentor bonuses, 10% override on Master bonuses, 15% override on Expert bonuses, 20% override on Professional bonuses, 30% override on Apprentice bonuses and 40% override on Novice bonuses
  • Grand Mentors earn a 50% Coded Bonus, 5% override on High Mentor bonuses, 10% override on Mentor bonuses, 15% override on Master bonuses, 20% override on Expert bonuses, 25% override on Professional bonuses, 35% override on Apprentice bonuses and 45% override on Novice bonuses
  • Great Grand Mentors earn a 55% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Grand Mentor bonuses, 10% override on High Mentor bonuses, 15% override on Mentor bonuses, 20% override on Master bonuses, 25% override on Expert bonuses, 30% override on Professional bonuses, 40% override on Apprentice bonuses and 50% override on Novice bonuses
  • Alpha Mentors earn a 60% Coded Bonus, 5% override on Great Grand Mentor bonuses, 10% override on Grand Mentor bonuses, 15% override on Grand Mentor bonuses, 20% override on High Mentor bonuses, 25% override on Mentor bonuses, 30% override on Master bonuses, 35% override on Expert bonuses, 45% override on Apprentice bonuses and 55% on Novice bonuses

My Final Thoughts On NWorld

This is another one of those companies which have MLM plans backed up by a great product line. They are also Philippines SEC-registered company, so no question about their legitimacy.

When you become their member, you must consider yourself as a salesman. You need to take all the required initiatives to market your goods to make any decent sales. If you can do that, you can surely generate enough money to get you going. On top of that, you can take advantage of their ranking system and affiliate benefits.

However, if you don’t have what it takes to sell products, then sadly this is not the right opportunity for you. The decision is yours.

I hope you liked my NWorld review and learned valuable insights about the company and their investment policy.

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