Plexus Slim Reviews – Should You Join Plexus Slim?

plexus-slim-reviewWelcome! Today in this post I’m going to be discussing a company called Plexus Slim. Now if you’re reading this post chances are you’re here for the following reasons, you may be considering joining Plexus Slim or someone introduced you to the company and you want to see if it’s a legit opportunity or a scam…

Now on the other side of things, maybe you already joined Plexus Slim and you’re doing some research to see how you can boost your results and increase your profits because you’re not getting the kind of results that you are looking for (on the income opportunity side) and want to make more money in your Plexus Slim business. Either way were going to cover both sides of the coin.

Also before we move forward in this Plexus review, I want you to know that I am not a Plexus Slim representatives nor affiliated with Plexus Slim… which means that this review is an unbiased review on Plexus Slim

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a health and wellness network marketing company mainly known for their “pink drink”.

Plexus Slim was founded back in 2008 and one great thing about this company is that the leadership or management team have had success in the direct selling and network marketing industry previously in other different companies. They have over 60 years of experience so there’s definitely a proven track record of success with the leadership and management of this company

Plexus Slim Products

Now the main product of plexus slim is t’s Pink Drink which is focused around weight loss. Even though they are mainly known for their pink drink, Plexus Slim has over 22 different products they offer also… However the main gist of the product “their powdered dietary supplement or Pink  Drink” is you put it in some water mix it up, then drink it 30 minutes before meals and it helps suppress your appetite so that you actually burn less calories.

Plexus SlimIt’s said to work better with healthy dieting and exercise and a lot of people have had great results from the products. Some people have reported seeing results in as little as two weeks of just taking these powdered mixes.

Fact is, we live in a world today where people like fast results when try something out and just to see that it’s actually working for them. So they have another product which is taken along with the Pink Drink called the “Plexus Slim Accelerator” it allows people to just take the Plexus mixes once or twice a day and be able to see results in as little as two weeks. Now the Plexus Accelerator PLUS is meant to be used with the Plexus Slim to help speed up your weight loss and or help overcome weight plateaus. The Accelerator Plus is the companion to “The Pink”.

Also, Plexus Slim does have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau so you can rest assure knowing that they have quality products, and management.  It’s looking like a company that seems like it’s gonna be around for the long haul.

Business Side Of Plexus Slim

Now if you are wondering if Plexus Slim is some biz opp scam, I want you to know that Plexus is NOT a biz app scam. In fact, it is a 100% legit health and wellness network marketing (or multilevel marketing) company.

However the problem that you may run into when you join Plexus Slim and that is because it’s also a network marketing company is this…

They teach the same outdated strategies(in my opinion) that traditional network marketers have been using for several years. Now I personally came into network marketing back in 2005 and here is the old marketing formula I was taught back then and most likely you are going to be told to do.

First your told to make a list of everyone you know, (your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, and pretty much anyone and everyone you can get a hold of)… and they’re going to go on that list. Now that list that you’ve made is going to be your warm market list. Then you may be told to use that list for your Plexus Slim business. Also you may be told to host home events, attend the weekly hotel meetings and get the people who added to your warm market list (which are your friends, family etc…) on a three way phone call with your sponsor.

Plexus SlimNow am I saying that these strategies don’t work at all? No, I’m not saying that now… because these methods can work for a VERY small percentage of people meaning it’s not impossible. However for a lot of people, they don’t work… and to be quite honest for most people they don’t work.

Again keep in mind I’m not saying to completely dismiss those strategies, as I did mention it’s not “impossible”… but for me personally (in my own experience like many others who may be reading this), I was too unsuccessful in using those strategies. What happens to most people using these outdated strategies is they run out of people to talk to and as a result they start going to shopping centers, malls, handing out business cards, flyers, trying everything they can to promote their business.

Fact is more and more people are realizing that, there “MUST be a smarter, faster, and more effective way of getting results in their company and they are RIGHT! As for myself, it wasn’t until I came online and actually learned how to market effectively online, did I start really seeing results.

Once I learn how to use the internet, online systems and tools to generate an endless stream of leads, things took a turn for the BETTER 🙂

Here are some of my results below!


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What you will learn on the inside will take your profits to another level if you apply the techniques you learn, then you will never have to chase family and friends again nor will you struggle with how to find and generate targeted buyer leads.


God bless and to your success,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Questions are welcomed in the comment section below, again God bless!

Kyani Reviews – Are The Top 1% Keeping These Secrets From You?

Welcome to my Kyani review!

Maybe someone approached you about this business opportunity or you stumbled upon it on the internet…

Kyani Blog Pic

Now upon your discovery of Kyani you probably have a few questions, such as “Can this business work for you? Is this business legit? Can newbies really make money with this etc?”

So in my third party review, I’m going to give you the exact information you need to know about the company, and also what it takes to really have success in the Kyani.

Trust me, not many people are willing to share this information with others in network marketing.

For those in complete research mode, a friend or family member of yours might have introduced you to the opportunity, and it sparked your interest. You liked what you saw, but before making any decision, you want to see what other people are saying (by doing your own homework and reading some Kyani reviews).

So if you are reading this because you are doing your homework on the company, then…

I would like to say great job on taking the right action before jumping in without doing some due diligence.

So what is Kyani…

In a nutshell, Kyani is a health and wellness company.

Kirk Hansen, who is a very successful businessman, launched Kyani back in August of 2007. He and his brother Jim played a key role in expanding their family petroleum business from humble beginnings to one of the largest privately owned petroleum distributorships in the Western United States.

It is very safe to say that this man knows what he’s doing.

As a Kyani rep you would be marketing and selling nutritional health products such as the (Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and Kyani Nitro FX | Nitro Xtreme, which makes up the triangle of health). Now I’ve done other reviews on companies in the health and wellness niche, and I always want the reader to know that this is a very competitive niche.

However before getting started in the business side of things, I personally recommend trying the products out for yourself first. If you like them, then share your personal why with your potential clients.

That way people can relate to you first, and so that they don’t take you offering them the product as throwing another “sales pitch” at them.

[ois skin=”2″]

How Do You Get Paid With Kyani?

To keep it very simple, you ultimately get paid a few “general” ways with the Kyani compensation plan. Upfront bonuses for people you sponsor/retail sales and back end residual income.

Now instead of me trying to explain the details of the compensation plan, why not have Kyani do it?

WARNING:  I do NOT endorse this video, it’s for educational purposes only!

Now Should “YOU” Join Kyani?

Kyani is a credible company with solid leadership; however, your success really will depend on more than just that. The truth is, most people get started in a home based business without really knowing what it really takes to become successful.

That is NOT exactly the best way to start a business.

If you have been told that you can build a thriving business just with a list of friends and family, I would strongly suggest you to look outside for some marketing training.

What Exactly Do You Need To Be Successful In Kyani?

You must be able to talk to a consistent flow of prospects, and be able to sponsor on a consistent basis. Now in order to do this, my personal recommendation for you in this cyan review would be to leverage an online marketing system that will brand you as a leader.

Remember, “people join people… NOT companies. and

Now with that said… here’s the golden question, “what’s is going to make you different from the next Kyani rep”?

I’ll wait a moment… 🙂

Ok… times up, here’s the answers.

1: “Branding yourself first as a leader online”

2:: “Using a fully customizable reverse funnel system”

Not sure how to apply steps 1, and 2 in your personal business plan?

Keep reading and follow the link below… 😉

With a blend of offline mixed in with your very own online marketing system, there’s no telling the success you can have.

If you are serious about your business (or starting one the right way), the next step is very simple.

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To your success and God bless,

Nathaniel Laurent

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VidCommX Reviews – Don’t Join VidCommX until You Read this Review…

VidcommXStarting a company can be difficult, especially when it comes to trying to increase your public audience. One of the main factors of any business is ensuring it gives people like us the benefits we desire. VidCommX is a business that has recently just started and I have decided to let you guys know in this VidCommX Review my thoughts on this program and if it is worth your (“or our”) precious time.

First things first – What is VidCommX?

VidCommX is a video email system that gives you the opportunity to send video emails to family members, friends, work colleagues, or other businesses around the world. It is a company that was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs; however other people have the opportunity to use it also. It is easy to use and there is absolutely no typing, no editing, and no structure involved. All you need to do is record your video, use a VidCommX designer template to help design your email and then you are ready to click send to whoever you wish to receive it. Seems easy right? It also allows you to earn cash through the advertisements in your video which of course is a huge bonus! It was recently proven that only 0.001% of people get paid for sending video emails but VidCommX wants to change that process and pay out money to earn an income.

VidCommX also gives us a variety of opportunities when using their program. They are listed as followed;

vidcommx 3

1. 1. Earn money by becoming part of VidCommX – As I have previously stated, this program allows you to earn money by the ads in your email so it is a great opportunity to earn money from home.

2. 2. You can become a publisher – VidCommX gives you the option of becoming two things if you join their program – a publisher or a distributor. Becoming a distributor will be explained shortly but first let us look at becoming a publisher. If you decide to become a publisher, you can make money from advertisements placed in your videos which as you know I’ve explained how you do that previously. If you are having difficulty understanding what I mean by this, YouTube has a similar program for their company called partnership. The Ads that are played in a person’s video gives that individual extra income, therefore this is what VidComm-X is trying to do via video email.

3. 3. You can become a distributor – This is the second option you have with VidCommX. Becoming a distributor is the complete opposite to a publisher as your role will be to hire and refer people to this. You will then get commissions from the people for their actions. The more people you have recruited and referred, the higher your income.

4. 4. Various price packages – Depending on the type of package you want from VidCommX will determine the cost of it. They can range from $100 all the way up to $5000. The program also allows you to join with a variety of accounts to gives you the opportunity to earn more however if you’re just an average person like me, taking this kind of step can get quite expensive so make sure you are buying what you can afford.

Now just like any program or business, there are a variety of pros and cons and below is a list of the pros and cons I found while using this program. Your views may be different so please keep in mind this is my own personal opinion so it is completely your decision as to whether you agree or disagree with the following;

The pros of using VidCommX:

VidcommX· . This is what our companies need – I have to admit, video emails and video marketing have gotten increasingly popular in recent years so for VidCommX to release a program to allows us to expand our companies in just a few small steps is quite phenomenal.

· . Money earning – There is no complaints when it comes to earning money. Everybody nowadays needs a bit of extra cash and VidCommX give you that opportunity. Not just that, but it gives you options as to how you want to earn money so it suits your needs and what you’re interested in doing.

· . There is no confusion – I find with some programs, they say it is easy to use but there always seems to be something that you seem to struggle to get the hang of. This program really is as simple as 123. Three easy steps and you’re done and if you ask me we need that kind of method in this day and age. Nobody wants to be spending hours on creating a video or new method for their business so with this program it takes away the long hours and gives you the easy way out you could say so why not give it go for yourself?

The cons of using VidCommX:

Vidcomm-Reviews· . I think one of the major factors that were going through my mind while researching this is the similarity it has to other networks. Now for some, that might not be big deal but for others it might turn them off it if they think it’s the same as all the other programs out there already but that’s personal opinion I guess.

· . Companies need more – Although VidComm-X is a great way to help businesses expand their business, they need more if they want to go far. Business need sale pages, forums, etc. to ensure of getting noticed. VidCommX can’t ensure your business will increase however the other methods can over time.

· . It can be misleading – While looking at their advertisement, they mentioned how this has never been done before but when you think about it, some of it already has been done by bigger companies like Google and YouTube. These companies have been very popular throughout the years in relation to advertising and they too give people money for their ads shown in their videos but like I’ve said this is just my own opinion and some of you out there might see it differently.

Overall, is VidCommX worth our time?

Now to be straight forward, I wouldn’t say “do not join this program” or “this program is a waste of our time.” Yes it does offer similar opportunities to bigger companies but that doesn’t mean that VidCommX is going to be any different when it comes to earning money and promoting ads. It is an easy program to use like I’ve said so there really is no harm in trying it out for yourself and you never know, you might like this one more that the other ones but you’re just going to have to try and see. It is just another great opportunity to earn money from home and if I’m being quite honest, you can never have too many of those opportunities so give it a go for yourself and see the differences it can make in your life.

How To make $1K-$10K+ Within Next 30 Days…

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~Nathaniel Laurent~