Six Figure Empire Review – Is SFE Keeping These Secrets From You?

six figure empireWelcome to my “Six Figure Empire” Review!

With a lot of biz opps appearing every month, it can be tough to know which ones are legit and which ones are scams.

Doing research is the best way to figure out which programs are scams or which ones are not… so get excited that you are here today because you are, “in the right place at the right time”!

By the end of this review you will have all the information you need, in order to know whether this program will be a good fit for you or not.

In this Six Figure Empire review, I will inform you a bit about the company, their products and compensation plan they use.

Also be sure to stick through this review till the end because I’m also going to be revealing the secret to pulling in $100K within the next 6 months and how you can increase your ROI by over 300% for ANY company (including this one)!

With that being said let’s begin… shall we? 🙂

Six Figure Empire – The Company

The first thing I discovered was that “Six Figure Empire” shows that Tim Berger is the owner and admin of the company.

Now I personally happen to be familiar with Tim myself and you can rest assure that this program is NOT A SCAM.

“So you can have a sigh of relief when is comes to the BIG question, “if SFE is a scam…” It’s not a scam at all.

Also in the contact us link at the bottom of the page, the company address is in Salem Ohio and is more than likely where Six Figure Empire is being run from.

Okay, so let’s dive into the products!

The Six Figure Empire Product Line

Six Figure Empire

Six Figure Empire currently has 6 levels in their product line. Here is an overview and a list of their product line:


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Silver Package:

  • Within Six Figure Empire you get complete step-by-step training.
  • Advanced marketing tactics and secret techniques for earning money online.
  • Over 5 hours of video training on what to do and how to do it, step-by-step!
  • A Blueprint (point-by-point) report that takes you by the hand and shows you how to do everything! (143 pages)
  • One secret Affiliate Technique for earning passive income.
  • The single most important tactic for earning money online.
  • The one secret for earning money out of thin air that can allow you to quit your day job!
  • How to virtually print your own money online.
  • Copywriting & Conversion secrets.
  • Traffic secrets and resources and tactics.
  • Formulas for generating money on demand.
  • How to produce “pay the bills cash” first, then scale up from there!
  • How to have a million dollar mindset and break-free of the lack and limit mindset most of the world has!
  • And much more…!

Cost: $500


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Sapphire Package:

This is a powerful SMS lead attracting funnel that collects not only mobile number so you’re building your database of numbers automatically but also captures EMAIL ADDRESS along with FIRST NAME for that ever so important personalization effect!

You can use it to generate new leads from stage, direct mail, websites, Facebook ads or even newspaper or magazine ads.

Cost: $1,000


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Emerald Package:

For an entrepreneur, lead flow ranks right up with oxygen. Without lead flow, you have a crumbling business that’s making you ZERO money.

So what we’ve done is provided a solution to that very problem by giving our members access to their very own DAILY LEAD FEED.

That’s right. You’ll be able to log into your Six Figure Empire dashboard, hit your Level 3 product access link and tap into a fresh, updated list of new leads EVERY DAY of the week

Cost: $3,500


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Gold Package:

“Six Figures In 90 Days System”

  • An entire System, tightly focused on the steps!
  • A ‘Dialed-In’ System virtually anyone can follow and implement. The entire system laid-out for you in extraordinary detailed fashion.
  • How to find the hot niche markets that are a great MATCH for you!
  • How to find and amplify your strengths and gifts for easy success.
  • How to find the most compelling offers to promote as a JV affiliate and build an income around for years and years!
  • How to reverse engineer what’s already working for someone else. . . spy on them ethically. . . and turn it all into quick cash-flow.
  • How to go for the low hanging fruit, the easy revenue that is sitting there waiting for someone to grab!
  • The easiest traffic method nobody knows about and even less try!
  • Besides the easiest traffic method, you’ll learn the method that produces the MOST traffic the quickest.
  • You’ll learn how to create lightning fast products, from scratch, even if you’ve never created a product before in your entire life… even if you hate writing.
  • How to identify products that will sell like wildfire versus the one’s that are duds and will struggle to convert!
  • How to get productive and crush procrastination and fears of taking massive action!
  • How to raise your game in real business.
  • How to set up sites.  You’ll learn step by step. Never again will you worry about sites, squeeze pages, sales pages, or anything like that!
  • The simplest conversions for non-copywriters.
  • You’ll learn how to make multiple streams of income with ‘tiny little sites’ a model invented to pull in results!
    If doing just one thing is too boring for you, this system is perfect for multiple sites, multiple niches or offers and multiple streams of income!
  • There’s much, much more…

Cost: $6,500


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Platinum Package:

  1. Ultimate Internet Income University
  2. You’ll be walked through the basics such as…
  3. Lead captures, autoresponders, wordpress, blogging, etc..
  4. Then you’ll progress into more complex lessons such as… Tracking, analytics, trend watching, etc.
  5. Finally, you’ll graduate into real world applications such as… Setting up your own ad campaigns, talking to customers, creating funnels, etc…

With Six Figure Empire the objective with this course, is to be able to take a person off the street, and plunk them in front of a screen to where they can access all of the content, and then afterwards, have them be able to recite what they just learned and actually apply it.

Cost: $12,500


Here’s a snippet of what’s included inside the Prestige Package:

Six Figure Empire offers an exclusive 5 module training, in which you will be walked through exactly what it takes to build and launch a program of your own. No stone will be left unturned. Everything from idea conception to technical set up to outsourcing the project, to locating and hiring graphic designes, copy writers, coders, etc.. to the actual marketing… the stuff that brings in the customers. Which is an important tiny detail to not over-look by the way, as the last thing you want to do is build a program from scratch, invest 100s of hours and untold amounts of money, only to have 0 customers waiting for you at the finish line.

Cost: $20,000

The Six Figure Empire Comp Plan

Ok, so let move on to the comp plan Six Figure Empire offers. Their comp plan is pretty direct and straight forward… while most high ticket programs are 1up comp plans (meaning first sale passed up to sponsor) Six Figure Empire does “NOT” work that way. Instead you are paid for your very FIRST sale. Here is an overview of the levels and commissions received at each level.

$500 SILVER PACKAGE – (Collect $400 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $100 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

$1,000 SAPPHIRE PACKAGE – (Collect $800 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $200 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

$3,500 EMERALD PACKAGE –  Most popular package… (Collect $2,800 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $700 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

$6,500 GOLD PACKAGE – (Collect $5,200 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $1,300 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

$12,500 PLATINUM PACKAGE –  3rd Most Popular Package… (Collect $10,000 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $2,500 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

$20,000 PRESTIGE PACKAGE – (Collect $16,000 With Six Figure Empire On Your 1st Level + Instant $4,000 Bonus Payment On Your 2nd Level)

Six Figure Empire – The Verdict and Recommendation.

FINAL VERDICT – APPROVED! Yep that’s right, I personally give this company an approval status and believe it’s worth getting started. However there are “pros and cons” when it comes to Six Figure Empire.

PROS – You get paid “directly” so no waiting to make money… it’s possible to collect your first check within first 48 hours. Some companies pay out their commissions bi-weekly or once a month, but with Six Figure Empire you are able to collect checks and commissions daily. That’s a 5 star feature 🙂

CONS – Without joining in with the RIGHT sponsor, your risk of failing is at about 97%…

The fact is, whether you have success and make great money or not will depend HIGHLY on “who you decide to get started with. If you join the wrong sponsor you most likely will be left alone to figure things out. Now even though the training and courses help, it’s even better to have a sponsor who can help you achieve FAST and great results.

So I’ve together a special BONUS for everyone joining my team at the Sapphire level and above.

1: Get a FREE 1 hour coaching session directly from myself… (Valued At $500)! 

2: Your first solo ad is “on the house” FREE to help boost your results, especially during this launch… (Valued At $1000) Limited Time Offer… ONLY for First 10 People Who Act Now On Sapphire And Above!

NOTE: With 1000 clicks you can expect an average of around 150-300+ LEADS! (Results may vary depending on your landing page). This will help you to start getting sign up’s potentially right away.

So don’t be left behind, let’s get you on the way to 6 figures with Six Figure Empire ASAP… click on the link below and get started now.

six figure empire


Hope you enjoyed this Six Figure Empire review, and I’m looking forward to your success.


God bless,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Questions are always welcomed… feel free to leave a comment below, again God bless!

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