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Tidom Inc If you are here right now you are probably doing some due diligence on the Tidom Inc business opportunity. If you are doing your homework then “congrats!” In fact, most people nowadays search online before making any final decision on whether to join a new opportunity or not. However before we begin, I would like to note that I am in no way affiliated with the Tidom Inc business opportunity. So this means that my Tidom Inc review will be completely non-biased review on the biz opp. By the end of this review you should have all the information you need to make an educated decision on whether this is the company or you.

Also if you decide that this is the company for you, stick around because I will be going over a success formula that 97% of reps have no idea about that can help you increase your profits drastically šŸ˜‰

What Is Tidom Inc?

Tidom Inc was founded by Jonathan Bain back in May, 2015… the name of the company comes from the words “Time Freedom”. This company in a nutshellĀ is a top tier direct sales organization offering support and products for… self-improvement, business development, marketing, health and wellness training with commissions ranging from $2,000 to $22,000. The products are digital products meaning, you are only able to access them via internet download etc…

Now would I personally recommend their products?


I guess I’ll leave that one up to you šŸ™‚

However I’ll say this much… “If you plan on succeeding in any home based business, you MUST have continual business and marketing education”.

Another thing I will say is that the health and wellness nice in the network marketing industry is very competitive, so having the right knowledge to make will work on your side.

Tidom Inc Compensation Plan

The Tidom Inc compensation plan provides 4Ā revenue streams;

#1:Ā Personal sales

#2:Ā Qualification sales

#3: Upgrade sales

#4: Ā Roll up sales

The Tidom Inc comp plan allows you toĀ earn from$2,000-$22,000 per sale, which are in fact some of the largest profits available today in a home-based business opportunity.

AlsoĀ Tidom Inc also provides aĀ passive residual income stream. With Tidom thereĀ are huge profit margins because after your first sale you make over 90% profit on each sale you make. Ā That way you don’t need to make a lot of sales in order to make a lot of money with the company.

Another benefit mentioned with getting started with the TidomĀ compensation plan is that you can start earning income right away. With this companyĀ there’s no complicated set up… you pretty much get set up and your business is running within 24 hours. Also, there’s no waiting to get paid with Tidom, and this is because there’s no “middleman”… Once you sign up a customer you get paid directly from that customer after your first qualifying sale. Then after that you earn profits of $2,000 up to $20,500 on each sale.

Overall the Tidom compensation plan looks very lucrative for the right person.

Tidom Inc Verdict?

Overall Tidom Inc is a credible company with a decentĀ product line. However, even with it being a great company, this doesnā€™t guarantee your ticket to success. This isnā€™t because of the company, but solely on the lack of marketing training and 1-on1 coaching.

To have a thriving, successful Tidom Inc business you will need to have a mentor (coach) someone who is already making 6 figures and better, Ā funnel system and a constant flow of prospects to talk to about your business. My recommendation to you is to leverage a system that will provide you with 1-on-1 coaching to show you how to have 10-20 highly qualified leads to talk to every single day.

Now If you are serious about your business and want to learn how to increase your profits by over 300%, the next step is very simple.

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Tidom Inc

What you will learn on the inside will take your profits to another level if you apply the techniques you learn, then you will never have to struggle with how to build a successful business or how to find and generate targeted buyer leads.

My Very Own Personal Test

In order to give you the VERY BEST informationĀ I decided to test the system out myself for only $1 and hereā€™s some ā€œPROOFā€Ā below of the results IĀ received!

tidom inc

This ā€œTESTā€ Resulted In About $500 In One day!

tidom inc

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In conclusion, if I had to rate the system on a scale of 1-10ā€¦ I personally WILL give it a 10! Even I myself must admitĀ thatā€¦ its VERYĀ impressive to seeĀ how well, ā€œformer U.S. marineā€ Micheal Force has put this system together. Now I for one, strongly believe in honoring our U.S. soldiersā€¦ and Iā€™ve got toĀ say ā€œIā€™m impressed with Michealā€™s work here for sureā€ šŸ™‚

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God bless and to your success,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS.Ā Questions are welcomed in the comment section below, again God bless!

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