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Poofy Organics
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Let’s check my findings in details.

What Is Poofy Organics? 

Poofy Organics is not a new company, they have been in business since 2006. They started their operation to spread the goodness of organic and natural health products to fight the use of chemicals in our everyday life. This is mainly a family run business and Kristina Gagliardi-Wilson and Nella Gagliardi being their two founders.

Their online journey started in 2009 and from then they have started to distribute their products through the power of the internet.

From web statistics, I can see that almost all their web traffic is coming from the USA. This is common for USA based companies.

That is all about the company. Let’s check out their products!

The Products Offered By Poofy Organics 

Poofy Organics sells various baby, body, cosmetic, home, hair and mouth care products from their website.

The Poofy Organics Compensation Plan

Poofy Organics has a detailed compensation plan for their members. You can join them by paying a membership fee of $39.95.

I will mention key points about their compensation plan here. You can check the whole plan on their website.

They have a ranking system for their members. They advance through the rank by making sales and sponsoring members.

Check below for rank names and their qualifications.

  • Advocate – No requirements and no rewards.
  • Activist – 200 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 1 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Missionary – 300 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 2 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Challenger – 500 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 3 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Gladiator – 600 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 3 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Champion – 800 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 4 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Superhero – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 5 active leg (sponsored member)
  • Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 5 active leg (2 Champion)
  • Bronze Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 6 active leg (2 Superhero)
  • Silver Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 6 active leg (1 Superhero, 1 Elite)
  • Gold Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 6 active leg (2 Superhero, 1 Bronze)
  • Platinum Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 6 active leg (2 Bronze)
  • Diamond Elite – 1000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and 7 active leg (2 Bronze, 1 Silver)

They have a direct retail sales commission for their members.

  • Monthly sales 0-999 – 25% commission
  • Monthly sales 1000-1999 – 25% commission and 3% sales bonus
  • Monthly sales 2000-2999 – 25% commission and 4% sales bonus
  • Monthly sales 3000+ – 25% commission and 5% sales bonus

If you move up to elite or higher, you will receive an additional rank bonus.

  • Elite – 1% sales bonus
  • Bronze Elite – 1% sales bonus
  • Silver Elite – 2% sales bonus
  • Gold Elite – 3% sales bonus
  • Platinum Elite – 4% sales bonus
  • Diamond Elite – 5% sales bonus

Moving up in the ranks will also get you a one-time rank advancement bonus and sponsor matching bonus.

  • Challenger – advancement bonus $50 and matching bonus $50
  • Gladiator – advancement bonus $100 and matching bonus $100
  • Champion – advancement bonus $100 and matching bonus $100
  • Superhero – advancement bonus $250 and matching bonus $250

My Final Thoughts On Poofy Organics 

Poofy Organics has actual retail products, unlike many similar companies. They also have experienced leaders and an army of capable support team members. Most importantly they seem to believe in their product and has been in the business for a long time.

Now the success really depends on the product. If you test the product and find them to be working then you can confidently market it to new customers. If it does not work, then you can only move several products. If you do manage to move a substantial number of products then Poofy Organics has a good compensation plan to back you up.

It is up to your confidence level and your marketing skills to help you reach your goal with Poofy Organics. If you fail to market and generate sales, then this may not be the right opportunity for you.

I hope you enjoyed my Poofy Organics review and learnt valuable information about the company.

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