He Struggled With Old Regrets

Got a bit of special message to share for you today

about getting rid of Old Regrets…

Are your past financial decisions keeping you looking over your shoulder today?

Regrets. There isn’t much you can do about them but forget them. For example, some days you may be constantly reminded that you could be in a better financial situation sometimes just by how little you have.

Ask Jimmy Butler

Butler plays shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls and he too had a past that he didn’t want to dwell on.

Butler’s career started slow. He was kicked out of his house in high school. Then he was barely recruited by any colleges. After he played in junior college he earned a spot on a division one team.

Now Butler is a NBA all-star and slated to make $95 million this year.

Butler wanted to leave his past behind so badly that he took the rearview mirror off his car so that he wouldn’t look back.

Can you blame him?

If you want to succeed, you need to forget past mistakes or circumstances in your journey.

Take down that rearview mirror so that you can’t help but look back in and keep your eyes locked on to a future you can’t wait to enjoy with maybe your loved ones which you never imagined you would have.

I decided years ago to develop my online marketing system skills because I had a few regrets too.

When I was growing up, I was pretty bad at the academic side of things and I got typical results and only just scraped through High School/College…

But from my “entrepreneurial studies”, I discovered that almost all wealthy people were College dropouts

And that leveraging “systems” was what mattered…
So I began to use systems to change my financial situation.

And this process and system now makes me several $1K+ paydays.

You too can make a fortune online.

And you don’t have to jump through all the hoops I originally did.

These days it’s far easier when you find points of leverage…

This is your chance to quit looking behind you…

Because what is ahead of you can be good, if you keep your eyes on moving forward.

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God bless,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Need proof? Take a quick look at what Hector H. Valdivia has to say below…

MOBE Hector H

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Yevgen Podzolkov Shares His results….

Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Today I have a special case study and quick story for you…

If you have been reading my emails you may have been asking yourself “does this really work?” Well.. here’s the proof below.

This is Yevgen Podzolkov’s results for September.

MOBE Yevgen Podzolkov

That’s $10,672.85 In Just 1 Month… Not Bad, Huh?

Now here’s a little story I want to share with you.

It’s called “The Goats-and-Grass Method to Online Success…” I know it sounds like one heck of a strange title but stick with me here for a bit…! 🙂

Now does this mean you need a patch of land cleared of grass and weeds?

Whether your answer is yes or no it doesn’t matter. Because if you read how one group of people answered the question you will find a proven method to succeed.

A group of organizers in Rhode Island wanted to clear land for a new dog park. The only problem was the area where they wanted to build was covered in thick brush, thorns, and poison ivy.

Clearing the two football field long area was going to be a problem.

But the organizers found the perfect crew to clear the area. The crew would work 24 hours a day. They wouldn’t harm the environment at all.

And they would work for free.

Who was this perfect crew who was willing to do grueling work for free?

17 goats.

The goats ate around the clock and even uncovered a long lost fire hydrant.

Unless you are looking to clear some land you may think this doesn’t matter to you.

But here’s why it does.

Because it was an extremely simple solution to a big problem.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had a solution like that for your problems? Like your job that may sometimes be overworking you?

What if someone had a new way to make money like you never imagined. A simple and affective system was making many people thousands right now.

A system that would allow you to leave behind your desk job and have the free time to relax some days on your back porch. A system that can help you make you enough money to retire 20 years before you planned. A system that you can sleep at night without having to worry about money issues daily.

When you join my system here and get 1-on-1 support, you will be set up with a coach who will guide you through the 21+ step training process. Which can take you maybe 30 minutes to an hour a day to complete.

Once you join you won’t have to deal with any long customer service phone calls or payment processing. All you will have to deal with is figuring out what to do with your new income.

My system and process here is almost as simple and affective as the goats eating grass solution!!

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God bless,

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Still need more proof that this works? Watch the video below… Now I may personally disagree with his statement about heaven, but I am glad to know that he’s also being blessed by this 21-step solution. Again God bless!

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Carol Douthitt Shares Her Results…

Welcome to my blog! Today I have a little case study to share with you…

Here’s a screenshot of Carol’s results using Matt Lloyd’s 21-step system. Also please take the time to read what she say’s herself!

MOBE Carol Blog

That’s $15,500 in just “ONE DAY!”

Her results are not typical but are possible when you’re an action taker 🙂

Now here’s how to increase the likelihood of your success?

It’s somewhat simple, but very few will ever do it.

In his book, “YES!”, psychologist Robert B. Cialdini tells of a study of a group of people asked to volunteer for an AIDS education camp.

In one study, only 17% who said they would come to the camp actually showed up.

In another study, 49% who said they would come to the camp actually showed up.

What made the huge difference?

The group who showed up at the higher rate had filled out a form stating that they would be there.

This is known as “active commitment”.

You see, anyone can say they will do something. Anyone can say they want success.

Worse yet, anyone can THINK they want success.

But those who actually take the ACTIVE step of putting their commitment in writing live up to those commitments at a far higher rate.

Question: How many of your goals have you written down?

Putting your goals into writing some times can be a major key step to your success.
Now, if you’ve been struggling to see results in your biz… my system here is available to you.
Carol took action and as a result she’s pulled in over $15K in one day…

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When you’re ready to make an active commitment to your success, here’s the system that will help you follow through.

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God bless!

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Need more proof? Press play and watch the video below… All comments are welcomed below, again God bless 🙂

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What Is The MTTB Fast Track To $10K??

Welcome! Now If you have been reading my emails (OR if you’ve just landed here on my post), you may be wondering to yourself… “Well, what is this MTTB Fast Track To $10K and should I get it?” So here’s a free tour of what’s on the inside! Please click on the play button below now to get your answer 🙂


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Zach 100k Ring

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[Case Study] James Adolph’s Results…

Welcome to my blog! Hope you are having a blessed day today in Jesus’ Name… 🙂

Now if you have been reading my emails then maybe you’ve also noticed me recommending Matt Lloyd’s 21 step program. However you may also be thinking to yourself this big question…



Take a look at this screenshot of what James Adolph has to say about his results with MTTB/MOBE.
James Adolph MOBE
As you can see, even he was too wondering “if it worked” but he tried it out anyways… and BOOM! The results came in.

I personally respect James so much, because I believe it takes a real man to admit when they’re wrong. You see, James clearly realized that he was wrong in the beginning, and then later on his leap of faith ended up paying off “BIG!”

Seeing results like this brings me to a lesson which can be learned from (Mario Andretti) who is a famous NASCAR driver.

What Lesson Is That Nathaniel?

Well… the famed NASCAR and Formula One driver was fond of saying,

“If everything is under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

Auto racing is about pushing the car to the very limit of disaster.

• Under control is not a good thing.
• Smooth and comfortable is not a good thing.
• Having no fear is a not a good thing.

If everything is under control, it means that some other driver, who’s pushing himself and his car out of the comfort zone, is probably going to beat you to the finish line.

And, as Dale Earnhardt said, “The guy who finishes second is just the first loser”.

And many wannabe online entrepreneurs think they can’t get started with an online business until they know “everything is under control”.

• They have to research every possible angle
• They have to check and recheck and re-re-check everything to make sure they don’t get ripped off…even when the investment is less than $100!
• They have to read every book, watch every video, and go through every free coaching program they can get their hands on…

And only then will they finally get started.

And by then the marketplace has accelerated and they’re left standing in the exhaust fumes.

Real entrepreneurs know that if the car isn’t shaking a little bit, you’re not pushing the gas hard enough.

Speed is more important than “safety”.

Successful entrepreneurs start their engines and DRIVE. They figure out the turns of the course as they race!

You can’t win if you spend all your time tinkering in the garage.

When you’re ready to push the gas and get started with the only proven and guaranteed step-by-step system that I recommend, click here to watch my video and get started…

Gentlemen (and Ladies), start your engines…

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God bless!

Nathaniel Laurent

PS. Need More Proof? Press play and watch the video below!

PSS. Comments and questions are welcomed below… Also make sure you get in on my 11 day online marketing bootcamp below! Again, God bless!