My 1 Dollar Business Reviews – Are They Keeping These Secrets From You?

My 1 Dollar BusinessI recently stumbled across a new program called “My 1 Dollar business” on social media. So I decided to have a detailed look at this company to give you the facts.

So if your looking for more information about this company you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve done some research to find out what this company is all about. The information has been divided into four parts, which are; company profile, products, compensation and finally my thoughts.

By the end of this review you will be able to decide whether or not you want to invest in this company.

Now, lets begin!

What Exactly Is My 1 Dollar Business?

My 1 Dollar Business is run by its founder Steve Gresham. He is a veteran in the MLM business and this USA based company is not his first venture. Prior to this, he was involved with Savings Highway in 2012.

My 1 Dollar Business has many similarities with Savings Highway in terms of the business model. This may not be a good thing because the latest stats on Savings Highway show that it isn’t doing very well.

As for the web statistics, I found out that 45% of its traffic comes from the USA, with all the others coming from Norway, UK, Canada and Spain. Unsurprisingly the web domain of My 1 Dollar Business is registered for only one year.

Products Offered By My 1 Dollar Business

They offer several programs and services, which can be used by their members. Some of these programs and services include; Membership benefits programs, 24-hour roadside assistance, family legal plan, 24-hour shopping concierge, worldwide travel program, worldwide condo program, tax deduction software, vacations, personal development success modules and more.

They also set up a store that you could refer customers to so they can purchase a variety of in-demand products and services including health, beauty and new technologies.

My 1 Dollar business Compensation Plan

After becoming an affiliate member of My 1 Dollar Business, you will receive $0.20 for every member you sponsor. This amount is paid residually every month as long as the members are active.

Members will also receive a residual $0.05 commission per month for every active member that joined their 2×10 matrix. Now if the qualifying members pay more, the commissions will increase as shown in the structure below:

 Phase 1: 

($10 a month) – $2.50 per affiliate personally recruited and 0.50 cents per affiliate placed in the matrix.

 Phase 2:

 ($20 a month and must have at least 10 affiliates in your matrix) – $4 per affiliate personally recruited and $1 per affiliate placed in the matrix.

 Phase 3: 

($50 a month and must have a least 20 affiliates in your matrix) – $10 per affiliate personally recruited and $2.50 per affiliate placed in the matrix.

 Phase 4: 

($100 a month and must have at least 50 affiliates in your matrix) – $20 per affiliate personally recruited and $5 per affiliate placed in the matrix.

There is also a free 7 night vacation offer and profit sharing options for qualifying phase 4 members.

Final Thoughts On My 1 Dollar Business

As they do not have any actual products people can buy, they entirely depend on the commissions to generate money and pay the affiliate members. This means that as the membership slows down, the company’s fortune will also go down.

The overall sustainability of this company is questionable. So it probably wouldn’t be smart to invest in them. However, the decision is yours to make.

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My 1 Dollar Business

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